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WhatsApp Update Brings New Features

  • Custom Notifications
  • Mark As Unread
  • Low Data Usage Features

WhatsApp’s latest update brings in a host of new features, including some that were earlier rumored. This said update hasn’t been rolled out via OTA yet, but instead is available in beta version 2.12.194.

The beta update, first spotted by Android Police, brings in new features like custom notifications, Mark As Unread, and low data usage among others. Custom notifications, as the name suggests, let’s you select a particular kind of notification for each of your friend. You can either choose to mute the chat for a time period, or pick specification ringtones, vibration length, notification LED light and popup notifications.

As reported earlier this month, the ‘mark as unread’ seems inspired by Facebook. It essentially lets you change the status of specific messages to unread. Long pressing a conversation, and marking it unread switches its status to green, depicting it as unread.

How to find who has read your message in a WhatsApp group

The last mentioned feature too is inspired from Facebook’s Lite version, and is targeted at developing countries where data connection isn’t that fast or expensive. The low data usage option for voice calls will consume less data, but it’s too early to say how much it will affect the quality of the calls.

As mentioned above, this update hasn’t been rolled out via OTA yet, and is still in a beta stage. If you fancy trying it out, you can download the APK for WhatsApp beta here.


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