The Timeline is an interesting addition to Facebook, wherein you can add a profile and cover photo to share your memorable and candid moments. You can either simply add two photos, or get a bit creative by adding one seamless photo. The second option is where you essentially add two different pictures to the profile and cover sections, but they are so seamless that they appear to be one big photo. While it may sound something only professionals can do, it is rather simple thanks to these third-party apps and services. Let’s take a look at how you can create an integrated profile and cover photo without any hassle.

In this example, we’re going to use Timelinecoverbanner for creating amazing profile and cover photos.

1. Go to TimeLineCoverBanner website


♦ Click on ‘Choose cover background’, which will show all the available design options. Depending on your personal preferences, you can select one from the numerous categories that are available, including sports, nature, romantic, and beach among others.

♦If you want to upload a picture of your own, select the ‘Blank Background’ option.

2. Upload your background image


♦ Click on upload background image and select the desired file from your computer.

♦ Once the uploading is complete, stretch the image till it fits the profile and cover image sections perfectly.

3. Adding tweaks

♦ Once you’re done resizing, you can then add some creative flair to it by adjusting the hue, color saturation, contrast and brightness levels.

♦ You can also add personalized text, doodle or add different shapes such as squares or circles to enhance it further.

4. Download the pictures and upload on Facebook


♦ After you’re done adding tweaks, click on next. Here, you’ll get an option to save the cropped profile picture and cover picture separately.

♦ You can then upload both these pictures to your Facebook profile.

Android App – Cover Cam for Fb


The app allows you to capture Profile and Cover pictures in one shot, ultimately making it look like a single image. Once the photo is clicked, it automatically crops images into required size and saves them in your smartphone’s photo gallery. You can then upload these photos to your Facebook timeline to create a seamless effect.

In addition to the aforementioned app and service, there are other sites as well, such as the TimelineSlicer where you can upload an image, and then crop it to fit the profile and cover sections. Unlike Timelinecoverbanner, this website doesn’t let you tweak brightness, contrast, nor does it let you add text and shapes.

InstaCover is another interesting service that lets you add your Instagram photos to create a photo collage for your cover photo. You can either sign-in with your Instagram ID to fetch photos uploaded by you, or you can select a category, such as Pets, Cars, Nature, and Flowers among others to create photo collage. These services are free, easy to use and do not require any special skills. So, go ahead; make the most of these services and show off your creativity.