Wear Mini Launcher

Price : Free


Opening and using an app on an Android Wear device can be fiddly; this takes the hassle away by letting you quickly launch any app without heaps of scrolling and swiping. It also helps you quickly access settings, such as brightness, Wi-Fi and ringtones for your smartphone, while granting access to loads of customisation options. Hundreds of thousands of downloads can’t be wrong.


Flopsy Droid

Price : Free


Billed on Google Play as “an experimental game inspired by a certain other Bird-based game”, the graphical style and aim of this side-scrolling title will probably ring some bells (hint: it’s Flappy Bird). Fine tuned for Android Wear devices, you must navigate a floppily limbed droid through a series of pipes to rack up the points. So long, social life, we hardly knew ye.


Find My Phone

Price : Free

find my phone

Just because you may not always need your phone these days, you still want it nearby at all times. Stray too far from it and, thanks to this app, your Wear watch will start buzzing. Tap “tap to find!” and, even when on silent, your phone will launch into the alarm and visual signals you’ve set it up with, leading you quickly back into its metallic, cold embrace.



Android Wear 2048

Price : Free


One of the most popular Android apps of last year, the Android Wear version brings a simpler 4×4 square interface to this highly addictive puzzler. Swipe to move the tiles; when two tiles with the same number touch, they merge into one. The aim is to get higher sums and when a 2048 tile is created, the game is won. Double tap to display your current score.


Wear Tip Calculator

Price : Free


If you’re exacting enough to want to work out the precise 12.5% of your bill, but polite enough not to want to go waving your phone around the table, the Wear Tip Calculator offers a discreet alternative. Just type in your bill, then the tip percentage, et voila, the total amount you need to pay. And everyone thought you were just checking the time.


InstaWeather for Android Wear

Price : Free

Insta Weather

Choose from multiple attractive weather faces, satellite view (visible and infrared) and have 24-hour forecasts a wrist lift away. Receive notifications if a shower’s heading your way, with distance details included. There’s also the option to run in low power mode so your obsession with meteorology doesn’t drain your battery.


Google Fit

Price : Free


If you want to become generally a bit more active without having to wear a secondary tracker or fitness band, Google Fit – now compatible with all Android Wear devices, as you’d expect – can provide just the motivation you need. Set daily goals for over 100 activities and control them from your watch. It’ll connect to third-party apps to keep all your data in one place.


Task Manager for Android Wear

Price : Free

Task Killer

It’s easy to lose track of what’s running on a relatively small screen. Task Manager cleanly lists all programmes and processes running on your watch, helping you stop tasks easily and quickly, saving you potentially hours of battery life. Just say “Start Task Manager”and take it from there. You can even close all opened tabs with one tap of the “Close all” button.