Its been with a great pleasure Android is giving their kick off to their new Google Android Pay app. Google Wallet which was commonly known to everyone is still the biggest support to this app. This is going to be the simplest and most convenient way to pay with your Android Phone.

Google Android Pay Requirements

Wait.. I haven’t completed the rest. You need to being having a bit of requirements for this to work for you. Firstly, you must be in USA. Yea. Thats Okay.. This feature is currently started in US and then it would soon release in India and other countries soon.

Secondly, you must have NFC on your Android Phone. This may be the most disappointing part for you. Not all devices under the budget smartphones comes with NFC. And too.. The OnePlus 2 which everyone regards as the Flagship Killer also doesn’t come up with NFC. Anyways.. If you are successful with both of the above requirements, then you are good to go.

Just head onto the Google Play Store and search for this Google Pay app. Check theGoogle Android Pay APK link below in case if you are doing it from desktop PC.

Download Android Pay App

Google also introduced a new Google Wallet app stripped of its tap-to-pay capabilities, now primarily used as a way to send money to folks online. A handful of banks and carriers area already on board with Android Pay, with Citibank being one of the latest to enable support.