Google has turned 17 years today and is celebrating its birthday with a special doodle on the homepage. The homepage has an old school desktop screen, a Linux pengiun, a Lava lamp and an server with the Lego blocks on top. The pictures are an homage to how Google started in its early days.

In its blogpost explaining the Doodle, Google wrote that “in the world of computer programming, 17 is widely considered the least random number.”

The blogpost reads, “To assume we made it this far without a little luck, though, would be like assuming lava lamps, turtlenecks, and servers held together by building blocks are harbingers of success.” The blogpost offers a look at some rare pictures from when Google just started.

Google’s 17th birthday has also caused some confusion, namely over the real birthday date. If one were to by domain name registration, then Google is really 18 years old, because Larry Page and Sergey Brin registered on September 15, 1997.

Of course, Google had begun much earlier in January 1996, which means Google is actually 19 years old.

Then of course, there is confusion over September 7 and September 4, with the former initially being celebrated as the birthday date, because that was the day Google became a company. Google later said that September 4 was when they filed as a corporation.

In 2013, Google used September 27 as its birthday, and thus we come to age 17. Additionally Google also celebrated its 4th birthday in 2002 on September 27. But Google’s fifth birthday was on September 8, 2003, while in 2004, the 6th birthday was on September 7.

So far, Google has not stuck with a consistent date for its birthday but September 27 appears to have been the most used date.