Note : The changes were seen by the user. The user was running Cyanogenmod v. 12, which is compatible with a theme called MaterialUP, available here on the Play Store (still).

It is a surprise in any fashion to have a new moniker for the Google Play Store if there is little evidence from Google that things will officially change. There’s also the fact that the text brand asset has yet to be updated with the new Google logo. That’s a major branding oversight from a tech giant. But then again, app developers can tuck and trim their creations at their whims. Hopefully, we’ll see what whims the developer had.We’re attempting to get comment from the app developer and will report back if we hear from him.

There’s some speculation going on about the possible evolution of the Google Play Store in time for another Google event — namely, it’s the name of the Google Play Store. It was originally introduced back in 2008 as the Android Market, the name of which was basically a way of conveying a store without saying “store.” Because Apple. It was in 2012 that it converged with Google’s existing eBooks and music efforts into the Play Store, a branding strategy that put users in a position of power (to play) and was open-ended enough to include plenty of “playable” products in Google’s roundhouse.



Now, we’re seeing screenshots showing up with a new moniker for the combined marketplace: Google Store.

Google Store originally sold hardware. It may be that this identity will be extended to pretty much everything that Google can feasibly sell. The move also fixes up the whole mouthiness of what the “Google Play Edition” devices gave us in the Play Store. But given the latest development on what Google Play Music will be doing soon, we might find that things won’t be vastly changing during tomorrow’s event.

Report Found From Brandon Nunn Profile.