Yesterday Google introduced Google Pixel C. Google extended the Pixel name beyond its Chromebook laptops to its first Pixel tablet in the Pixel C.

As is expected from a Pixel device this tablet is seriously premium stuff. Not only is the build quality high but there are smart physical offerings like a wirelessly charging keyboard.

But Apple, as king of the premium tablet world, has also upgraded with its iPad Pro. This also features a keyboard and wants to replace your laptop.

Google has crammed in a hefty 308ppi in its Pixel C display that pushes out a 2560 x 1800 resolution on a 10.2-inch screen. Google also says there’s 500 nits of brightness and full sRGB colour gamut. While this sounds lovely we’d be a little worries about how much power all those pixel and that brightness will chew through.

The iPad Pro is a larger 12.9-inches so its 264 ppi resolution might be less but it’s still good for the size thanks to a 2732 x 2048 resolution. It should look plenty sharp even up close which is the whole point with a tablet.

The Pixel C packs in the Nvidia X1 processor with 256-cores Maxwell GPU and is backed by 3GB of LPDDR4 RAM. That’s the same graphic architecture as Nvidia’s GeForce graphics cards and should translate to some seriously fast graphical processing – like laptop grade fast. That should mean gaming on the tablet will be easy as well as multi-tasking or streaming across to multiple devices.

Apple hasn’t scrimped on power either cramming in a new A9 processor with M9 coprocessor. It wants the iPad Pro to handle laptop level tasks too. With specialist Adobe editing software built for it, making short work on work on the go shouldn’t be an issue.

When it comes to build quality the iPad Pro and Pixel C are very evenly matched. Both have a beautiful brushed metal finish with clean lines and elegant sizing.

iPad Pro

The keyboard attachments are equally well designed. The Pixel C comes with a super slim keyboard that maintains the full size letter keys of a normal keyboard. It also offers a two month battery life and charges wirelessly when magnetically slapped onto the tablet. As if all that wasn’t cool enough the Pixel C keyboard also sits up at two different angles without any clasp or indentation, seemingly by magic. This is an extra $150.

By comparison the iPad Pro keyboard uses a smart cover that doubles as a keyboard, hence the name Smart Keyboard. This connects to a magnetic connector for power and data transfer. Thanks to a polyurethane material it’ll keep the screen protected even closed against it. There are also multiple angles to leave it in. This is an extra $169.

Both the tablets use the mobile operating systems of their creators. Google has opted for Android 6.0 Marshmallow, despite Pixel previously being reserved for the Chrome OS.

Apple uses the iOS 9 operating system despite rumours suggesting it would go full Mac OS for this tablet.

The Pixel C is going to be $500 for the 32GB model and $600 for the 54GB version.

The iPad Pro starts at $800 for the 32GB model and is $949 for the 128GB variant. The SIM ready model with 128GB is $1079.

Source : Pocket – lint