The Arrow launcher allows you to customize your smartphone in such a way that it becomes easy to access frequent apps, message friends, take notes or change settings.

The much-anticipated Android launcher app designed by Microsoft has officially made it to the Google platform.

As a part of its new system of inviting cross-stage improvement, the software maker has launched the Arrow launcher formally on the Google Play store for all after rolling out a limited developer’s edition earlier this year.

Download : Arrow Launcher

The Arrow Launcher offers a different interface for Android by allowing users to customise the way they use their smartphone and makes it easier to access frequent apps, message friends, take notes, or change settings.

the launcher is bit similar to iOS 9, it escapes from being a thorough clone of the Apple interface. Akin to Apple’s Siri Suggestions, Arrow’s ‘Recent’ screen offers a similar ability to access apps, files, photos, or contacts required quickly.

The launcher further organises the apps based on the usage, which essentially means the most used app will be listed first followed by the lesser used ones.

Another feature obtained from the iOS interface is the ability to customize a fragment that can be swiped up from the base of the screen to get to most loved applications or usually utilized settings like WiFi, Bluetooth, electric lamp, and so on.

You can further utilize the launcher to improve pages of your screen, like other Android launchers. Here, the Microsoft-just component is the expansion of wallpapers from Bing.

On the off chance that Microsoft’s strategy is anything to pass by, the launcher could exceptionally well serve as the organization’s turn into pushing its own services like Office, OneDrive, Outlook, Bing and more to Android clients.