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October 2015

Xiaomi Plans To Use 3D Touch Tech Like Apple – Difference between Apple’s 3D Touch v/s Xiaomi’s 3D Touch

In ahead of schedule October, online reports uncovered that Samsung is in converses with Synaptics to consolidate the 3D Touch show. This component is as of now seen just in Apple’s iPhone 6S arrangement. Samsung too needs to consolidate the element in its lead telephones. Another report has risen up out of China demonstrating that Xiaomi too needs to utilize a comparative weight touchy screen innovation in its lead shrewd gadgets that it will discharge later on, most likely the Mi5 and Mi Pad 2.

Xiaomi is working on 3D Touch like innovation to be utilized as a part of its up and coming gadgets sold in China. Notwithstanding, the source is still not certain if the presentation innovation is in effect singularly created by Xiaomi, or if the organization is joining forces with Synaptics to utilize a 3D touch innovation in its up and coming gadgets. Synaptics has created ClearForce, a more prevalent innovation that empowers the 3D Touch highlight. Xiaomi and Synaptics have teamed up for the as of late propelled Mi 4C. The Mi 4C uses Xiaomi’s ClearPad S3708 capacitive touch controller innovation for the SideTouch highlight. Along these lines, its not amazing if Xiaomi and Synaptics are cooperating once more to build up a weight touchy screen boards for Xiaomi’s forthcoming line of items.

Apple’s 3D Touch vs Synaptics’ ClearForce

The 3D Touch feature enables the phone’s display to artificially sense the difference in finger’s pressure to enable new gestures – Peek and Pop. Users can browse through their content with great ease. Continue reading “Xiaomi Plans To Use 3D Touch Tech Like Apple – Difference between Apple’s 3D Touch v/s Xiaomi’s 3D Touch”


Made For VR – Top 5 VR Games

Gaming culture stands on the brink of the dawn of the virtual reality age. In various stages of development right now is something we like to call the VR Triad. Oculus Rift will cater to the high-end PC gamers, Gear VR will target the mobile crowd, and PlayStation VR will be the consumer model between the previous two in terms of features and price point. Over the coming years we’ll no doubt see many games and software developed specifically for the VR platforms, but there are some games of today that could very well fit into the VR future with a quick port job. Here are some of those games.


A third-person game in VR could be possible because there are already a couple coming to the Rift, including Insomniac’s Edge of Nowhere. I chose Bloodborne because Yarnham is a grotesque city that has had a lot of polish go into it and the atmosphere surrounding it. Hence, PlayStation VR should look to porting Bloodborne because the city needs to be seen in all its malformed splendour. Also, some of the boss fights absolutely need to be seen in VR. Bloodborne fans know which ones I’m talking about.

Continue reading “Made For VR – Top 5 VR Games”

Top 3 Apps of The Month

 We’re back with the top three apps of the month.

HTC Restore
Degoo Cloud Backup


Cover artPrice : Free
Smart app shortcuts on your lock screen & notification bar!Launchify provides you access to apps when you need them on your notification bar, lock screen(*4.4+) and even as a widget.

Launchify recommends you the right app at the right time depending on the time, place and if you’re driving! Multi-task on the go: you can now swap apps in just a swipe from your notification bar. Quick launch apps from your lock screen.

Launchify is not a launcher, it provides smart app shortcuts in your navigation bar and lock screen similar to a notification.

Featured on The Next Web & Product Hunt!


HTC Restore

htc restore Android Apps WeeklyPrice: Free
HTC Restore was released during the last week during the announcement and discussions about the One A9. This is a simple app that doesn’t do all that much. It simply allows you to restore apps, data, and more that you may have backed up using HTC’s Backup function built into their OEM skin. Continue reading “Top 3 Apps of The Month”

October 23 – 1864 Battle of Westport, Missouri (Civil War)

On this day in 1864, Confederate General Sterling Price’s raid on Missouri nearly turns into disaster when his army is pinned between two Union forces at Westport, Missouri, near Kansas City. Although outnumbered, Price’s forcesmanaged to slip safely away after the Battle of Westport, which was the biggestconflict west of the Mississippi River.

Price’s six-week raid on Missouri was intended to capture a state that had been firmly in Union hands during much of the war. Price hoped to divert attention from the East, where Confederate armies had not done well in the late summer of 1864. A blow against Northern territory could also hurt the Republicans in the fall elections, and it could raise much-needed supplies.

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Human behaviour flows from three main sources: Desire, Emotion & Knowledge.

– Plato

Get Ready For New Batch Emoji – By Android Executive

Good New for Android users now they can have fun with new batch of emoji soon as promised by android executive.

If you’ve been casting an envious eye over your friends iOS device because they have some fancy new emojis to compose messages with instead of constructing an entire word, it seems that your reason for turning green may soon cease to exist. This is because a new batch of Android emojis is currently being developed. 

Android executive, Hiroshi Lockheimer, has acknowledged the needs of the Android faithful, promises that he and his team are working on new emojis, and also apologises for the wait.

It doesn’t sound like we’ll be waiting too long for this new batch of emojis.

Source: Hiroshi Lockheimer (Twitter)

Fact #33

The World Record for most claps in one minute is 1,020

Xiaomi MiUi 7 Global State Build – In Detail

Xiaomi, which disclosed the MIUI 7 custom ROM in India in August this year, will be reveal the last form of the ROM comprehensively on bolstered gadgets beginning October 27. The MIUI 7 ROM was up to this point under beta testing with select clients.

List of Devices Receiving MIUI 7 Global State Build

  • Redmi 1S
  • Redmi 2
  •  Mi 3
  •  Mi 4
  •  Mi 4i
  •  Redmi Note
  • Redmi Note 4G.

“We are truly eager to declare MIUI 7 worldwide stable form for MIUI fans all around the globe. With two months of testing and improvement, MIUI 7 worldwide stable rendition is to take off from Oct. 27, 2015. Yours by configuration! Get prepared for update!,” said the MIUI blog entry on Wednesday. Clients would be getting the OTA overhaul through the Update application. In any case, for the individuals who can’t hold up, they can physically download and introduce the ROM bundle from the organization’s devoted page. Continue reading “Xiaomi MiUi 7 Global State Build – In Detail”

Xiaomi’s Ninebot Scooter & Sixty-Inch Mi TV

Mi 60″ TV

New launch: Xiaomi 60-inch Mi TV 3 and new Ninebot mini self-balancing scooter

Xiaomi dispatched its initial two-wheeled, self-adjusting, and battery-fueled electric vehicle, named Ninebot smaller than normal alongside a fresh out of the plastic new Mi TV 3 and different items. The Mi TV 3 is evaluated at CNY 4,999 (around Rs 51,000) while the Ninebot small scale is estimated CNY 1,999 (roughly Rs. 20,500) separately.

As far as particulars, the Mi TV 3 has a 60-inch display. Other measurement parameters incorporate a 11.6 mm at its most slender and 36.7mm at its thickest. The Mi TV 3 is additionally furnished with LG 4K display.

Like Mi TV 2, the third era of Mi TV has its own autonomous sound framework. It is additionally contained two isolated parts: the showcase and primary board which can be updated individually. This gives you a chance to overhaul the TV for future use.

The organization likewise uncovered separate Mi Subwoofer, evaluated at CNY 599 (around Rs. 6,100) alongside a Bluetooth voice remote control valued at CNY 99 (around Rs. 1,000).

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