Facebook has just released a new app to go along with it called Work Chat. The app is basically the same as Facebook Messenger only just for co-workers.

You can do things like send photographs and recordings, message individuals exclusively or in gatherings, incorporates free voice calls, and even gives you a chance to send stickers.

facebook work chat app

• Send a message to one of your collaborators or make a gathering talk with a couple of them. With visit heads, you can stay aware of the discussion while utilizing different applications.

• See a catalog of different workers and begin new discussions effortlessly.

• Turn off notices when you’re out of town or simply would prefer not to be irritated.

Download Work Chat By Facebook

It’s really fundamental, yet it is the first form. We unquestionably anticipate that Facebook will pack more elements into it throughout the following year. You can grab the app from Google Play or using the widget below, but you’ll need a Facebook work account to use it. If you or your company are interesting in Facebook at Work, you can visit the Facebook Help Center for more information.