Viber provides voice and video calling capabilities along with messaging. This app also provides HD voice; this makes the audio quality in both voice and video calling pretty amazing.

Apart from the general features, this app also provides android wear support that enables the user to view and send text messages through their watches.

Messaging through services and apps like Viber has become the most commonly used form of communication these days, which should come as no surprise given that most people always have their smartphones on them, and it’s much quicker and more discrete to send a message than pick up the phone and place a voice call.

Much like saying something you can’t take back, though, you can’t unsend a message. In the latest update to Viber however, that’s about to change as the team behind the app have added some new features and improvements, and one of them is deleting sent messages from both parties.

Yes, Viber has been updated to version 5.6.5 recently and one of the headlining new features is the ability to delete a sent message from both ends of the conversation. There are numerous reasons why this might end up a beneficial capability, but a glaringly obvious reason should be that people make mistakes and sometimes say things they don’t mean. Now with the latest version of Viber, you can take those things back, literally, although that doesn’t stop someone from seeing a sent message, and you can’t readily delete what was said from their memory.

This also does well to enhance the privacy of content for Viber users, as they can send messages back and forth but later should they decide they want to get rid of a portion of that digital footprint, they can simply delete the message from both devices, or multiple devices if more than two were included in the conversation.

How To Use – Step By Step Guide

1. Open chat.
2. Long press the message you wish to delete.
3. You will be provided with 4 options. Choose Delete for everyone.

Also new in Viber is the ability to attach files like documents, presentations and other file types directly through Viber messages. If you frequently need this type of capability, Viber just became a little more useful to you. Viber has also improved the sharing functionality, stating that it’s now even easier to share stuff through the application, as well as share the app itself with others that you want to check it out. If you’re an existing Viber user, the update may or may not be live yet, if you’re new to Viber, you can grab the app from the Play Store.

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Source : Android Headlines