OnePlus has collaborated with refurbishing website ReGlobe to introduce an exchange and buyback offer on old smartphones. It will offer invites for the new OnePlus 2, OnePlus X under the scheme.

The offer is valid only till December 31, 2015 and customers need to register on the Reglobe site or on the OnePlus website here.

Visit the above link for further process.
Under this scheme a person who wish to exchange the device needs to provide the details including the device they wish to exchange. After that ReGlobe will send a quote for the device and if it is accepted, then the customer can go ahead with the exchange offer.

All three
1) One Plus One
2) One Plus Two
3) One Plus X
are eligible under this scheme. OnePlus invites to buy these phones will come with an expiration date, so a customer needs to buy them within the time-period provided by the company.

Company is offering 2 different scheme. Checkout the scheme below.

Scheme 1

First of all you need to buy a new device, and in this case ReGlobe will share invite code for device of your choice. Company will provide a schedule pickup of your older device later.

Once Reglobe approves the sale and the customer activates the OnePlus invite, the Amazon Gift Coupon (equal to the price of the phone that was sold) will be sent to the customer.

Scheme 2

In the option, a customer can sell their old device first on Reglobe and once this is complete, they will receive an invite for their OnePlus device along with an Amazon Gift Coupon which matches the negotiated quote price.

You’ll be provided free insurance for One Plus 2 and One Plus X under exachange scheme, but the buyback/exchange price of the older device should be Rs.5000 and above. The OnePlus 2 will get the B2X Service and the OnePlus X gets the B2X On-Guard Plus add-on as part of this scheme.

You can ask for cash also instead of Amazon Gift coupon.
The scheme of exchange/buyback is available in selected cities.

List of the cities –
Delhi, Gurgaon,
Noida, Faridabad,
Lucknow and