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5 Most Controversial Apps of 2015

2015 was a great year, we have seen lots of apps and games coming in market with great expectations. Some of them got popular by huge user-base but some of the apps became popular due to the controversy in the world market.

We are going to present 5 Most Controversial Apps of 2015. Lets have a look.

  • Android Pay
  • Move To IOS & Stick To Android
  • Pushbullet
  • Telegram
  • Yik Yak


Android Pay

Android Pay most controversial android apps of 2015[Price: Free]
Android Pay was announced to heavy fanfare at Google I/O. The premise was easy enough to understand. It was to be a revamped and improved tap-to-pay system that rivaled Apple Pay and could be used throughout the Android ecosystem by apps, games, and even online retailers. The roll out of the service has left a little bit to be desired.
For starters, the new Android Pay doesn’t work on rooted devices for security reasons. This is in stark contrast to Google Wallet, which worked on rooted and non-rooted devices alike and irked the root community so bad that Google employees actually took to the XDA forums to explain what happened. To follow it up, Google Wallet was gutted and turned into a PayPal clone with its biggest feature being able to send money to friends and manage your account which are features it already had. In classic Google fashion, the apps still work together but are disjointed as a whole. Everyone has calmed down about it now, but you can still find remnants of a start that wasn’t pretty and people who still aren’t happy about the whole thing.


Move to iOS and Stick with Android

move to ios most controversial android apps[Price: Free]
Apple had every chance in the world to make a good impression on Android users with their first Android app. The whispers that they would be joining the Play Store have been around for a year or longer so it was never really a question of if, but rather a question of when. Maybe iTunes for Android? Perhaps Apple Music? Nope, Apple’s first Android app was to help Android users move to iOS.
To start with, the application actually does work quite well. It transfers all of your stuff to Apple’s services so you can just sign into your next iPhone. Of course, this was taken as a huge offense to the Android fan boys and girls who immediately took to the app’s page on Google Play to unleash probably the heaviest stream of 1-star ratings I’ve seen since Facebook Home. Continue reading “5 Most Controversial Apps of 2015”

7 Hidden Features of Android – Things You Should Know!


Having Android Phone? Installed lots of apps ? checkout what i found, 7 hidden Android features that will make your life easy.

  3. Discover YOUR PHONE EVEN WHEN ON “Silent” MODE


In spite of the fact that Android cell phones permit you to have enormous content on your presentation through the ‘vast content’ choice in Settings, it is just restricted to the UI and stock applications. In any case, that does not mean you can’t amplify content other than content in and outside the stock applications.

With ‘magnification gestures’ in Settings, you can temporarily magnify everything on your screen without installing any third-party application or taking screenshots and then zoom-in into them.

Wonder how to enable ?

  • Go to the Accessibility menu in Settings and turn on Magnification gesture.
  • After this, you can triple tap on any screen to amplify the substance. You can likewise drag two or more fingers to skillet over the presentation to see the substance.

You can find the magnification option under display section.


It is not advisable to read and reply to text messages, emails, etc. while you are driving. However, there are times when you just can’t miss an important email or text even if you are behind the wheel or in a situation where you can’t operate your smartphone manually.

In such situations, you can download an outsider application to carry out the employment for you. Shouter, Read it to Me, Speak Me, and so forth are applications that can read your warnings from various stock and outsider applications. You can organize the applications for which you need the application to peruse warnings while you drive.


There are cases when you put your cell phone on silent mode and coincidentally keep it in your sack or a drawer. Presently you have no clue where it is, and calling your number from a companion’s telephone won’t work. In such cases, you can use the usefulness of Android Device Manager. This can be utilized to find your Android gadget, lock it, or delete information on the off chance that it is stolen.

To initiate, open a web program and sort ‘Discover my phone’ through Android Device Manager. You will be requested that sign in from your Google account. You will discover three choices – ring, lock and erase. Pick as indicated by your necessity.

Continue reading “7 Hidden Features of Android – Things You Should Know!”

Viber Update : Remove Messages At Both Ends

Viber provides voice and video calling capabilities along with messaging. This app also provides HD voice; this makes the audio quality in both voice and video calling pretty amazing.

Apart from the general features, this app also provides android wear support that enables the user to view and send text messages through their watches.

Messaging through services and apps like Viber has become the most commonly used form of communication these days, which should come as no surprise given that most people always have their smartphones on them, and it’s much quicker and more discrete to send a message than pick up the phone and place a voice call.

Much like saying something you can’t take back, though, you can’t unsend a message. In the latest update to Viber however, that’s about to change as the team behind the app have added some new features and improvements, and one of them is deleting sent messages from both parties.
Continue reading “Viber Update : Remove Messages At Both Ends”

How To View Missed Notification – Tips & Tricks

Application notification are a standout among the most essential modules of a cell phone. If you have never given thought about their importance, imagine how difficult it can be to open each app just to see if there’s any new update. You may even pass up a major opportunity for the essential messages and messages that can be urgent for you and for your business.

Using Built-In Settings

The notification log – where you can view deleted notifications – is only available on Android 4.3 Jellybean or above. In our walkthrough, we used stock Android Lollipop.

Long-tap on an Android homescreen, then tap Widgets. Swipe left until you reach Settings shortcut, then drag it to a homescreen and choose Notification log in the above-right list.

Long-tap an empty space on your Android homescreen, then tap Widgetsandroidpit recover notifications

Long-tap an empty space on your Android homescreen, then tap Widgets

  1. Swipe left until you get to the Settings shortcut widget.
  2. Long-tap the widget until your homescreens appear, then drag it to a homescreen of your choice.
  3. In the Settings shortcut menu that appears, scroll down to Notification log and tap it.
  4. A Notification log shortcut will appear on your homescreen. Just tap it, and you’ll have access to your notification history.

Once the Notification log widget is on your homescreen, just tap it to see your current and deleted notificationsandroidpit recover notifications 2 Continue reading “How To View Missed Notification – Tips & Tricks”

November 5th 2007- Android Evolved

November the 5th, and eight years ago on this date the development of the Android platform was publicly announced for the first time! The Open Handset Alliance was created to support this new platform, it was integrated by manufacturers like HTC, Samsung, LG, Sony and Motorola, plus additional companies dedicated to software development, mobile carriers, and chip manufacturers. One week later, the first software development kit was released. Android represented an alternative to other operating systems as it was open-source.

Nobody could envision how apps would end up modifying how we interact with our devices, but Eric Schmidt, Google’s CEO at the time knew that this platform would change the way we accessed and shared information, additionally, he focused on diversity, because he knew there would be thousands of different phone models.

Android is often criticized for many reasons, Apple fanboys will always mention that the first prototypes of Android included a physical keyboard and lacked touchscreen support, and they will always see a resemblance on the grid of icons on Android’s App Drawer with the one displayed on Apple’s homescreens, as if Apple had invented grids of icons. Another famous word to criticize Android is “fragmentation”, as it leads to problems like updates delivered at different times to some devices and inconsistent looks from the phones of different manufacturers.  Continue reading “November 5th 2007- Android Evolved”

Receive Google Drive Notifications on Mobile

Android/iOS: While Google Drive is incredible for sharing documents, it’s generally been somewhat more bulky than it should be on portable. Presently, that is changing, with sharing notifications and more versatile features.

The newest version of Google Drive, at present taking off, will send a notification to your phone when a document is shared you. This ought to be much simpler than the standard email notification. You can likewise get a notification when a client solicitations access to a document. At long last, Google’s permitting clients to review Google Drive documents that they have permission to see on Android without having a Google Account. This ought to align it more with how it works on the desktop.


Microsoft’s Arrow Launcher For Android

The Arrow launcher allows you to customize your smartphone in such a way that it becomes easy to access frequent apps, message friends, take notes or change settings.

The much-anticipated Android launcher app designed by Microsoft has officially made it to the Google platform.

As a part of its new system of inviting cross-stage improvement, the software maker has launched the Arrow launcher formally on the Google Play store for all after rolling out a limited developer’s edition earlier this year.

Download : Arrow Launcher

The Arrow Launcher offers a different interface for Android by allowing users to customise the way they use their smartphone and makes it easier to access frequent apps, message friends, take notes, or change settings. Continue reading “Microsoft’s Arrow Launcher For Android”

Xiaomi Devices Started Receiving MiUi 7 Update – How To Update Your Xiaomi To MiUi 7

Xiaomi a China-based company has released a number of various smart gadgets this year, but they also develop their own software. Their MIUI OS is actually an Android-based OS which comes pre-installed on their phones and tablets. Xiaomi has unveiled a new version of MIUI, MIUI 7, earlier this year, both the Chinese and the international variant of the OS. That being said, the company has released a confirmation that MIUI 7 will begin rolling out to their devices on October 27th, and that’s exactly what happened today.

The stable build of MIUI 7 has begun rolling out to Xiaomi-branded devices. The beta build has been around for quite some time now, in case you didn’t know. Anyhow, the update is currently rolling out to following handsets:

  • Xiaomi Mi 3,
  • Mi 4, Mi Pad,
  • Mi Note,
  • Redmi 1S 3G,
  • Redmi Note 4G,
  • Redmi 2 (Prime).

Related : Xiaomi Global State Build – In Detail

The update will roll out to these devices gradually, as it’s usually the case. If you simply cannot wait for the update to hit your phone, you can always manually download the ROM for the device and flash it. These are not the only devices that will get the update though, many more Xiaomi-branded smartphones will receive MIUI 7 in the future. Continue reading “Xiaomi Devices Started Receiving MiUi 7 Update – How To Update Your Xiaomi To MiUi 7”

Google Performing Beta Test For Search app on Android

Google has dispatched an official beta channel for the Android Google look application. Clients hoping to test the most recent elements of the application can select into the beta through Google Play’s beta administration.

Beta Version

We haven’t seen an official declaration anyplace, however the beta information exchange procedure works and will serve a more current Google application than the ordinary channel. Apparently Google will utilize this the same way it does the Chrome beta channel—to test being developed elements and bug fixes. We joined, and our Google application overhauled from to, however it doesn’t appear like anything noteworthy has changed.

Google could conceivably roll out a great deal of improvements through the Google application. It doesn’t simply cover Google looks on Android; the Google application is the home screen, the application drawer, Google Now and Now on Tap, voice acknowledgment, and the dependably on voice orders.
Continue reading “Google Performing Beta Test For Search app on Android”

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