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Facebook’s New App “Work Chat” – App That You Can Use At Work Place

Facebook has just released a new app to go along with it called Work Chat. The app is basically the same as Facebook Messenger only just for co-workers.

You can do things like send photographs and recordings, message individuals exclusively or in gatherings, incorporates free voice calls, and even gives you a chance to send stickers.

facebook work chat app

• Send a message to one of your collaborators or make a gathering talk with a couple of them. With visit heads, you can stay aware of the discussion while utilizing different applications.

• See a catalog of different workers and begin new discussions effortlessly.

• Turn off notices when you’re out of town or simply would prefer not to be irritated.

Download Work Chat By Facebook

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Receive Facebook Notifications Without Facebook App

Adicted to facebook ? Searching for the best possible solution for receiving notification on your device without having Facebook app.

Yes, it is possible to receive notification from facebook without having facebook app. Facebook application has a few issues that you may know about. Without a doubt, it has been “enhanced”, however can in any case demonstration like a bloated and information hungry thing. In any case, not utilizing the Facebook application to spare battery and information implies no Facebook warnings, isn’t that so? Off-base. I’ll demonstrate you three simple approaches to still get Facebook warnings without the Facebook application.

1. Get Chrome notifications

This is a relatively new addition to the Facebook tips list. As of mid-September, Chrome now allows you to use the web version of Facebook and still get push notifications. This is basically the best thing to ever happen to non-fans of the Facebook app.

AndroidPIT allow Facebook notifications in Chrome browser
Chrome browser can now deliver your Facebook notifications.

You can now enjoy all the data and battery-saving features of Facebook web view without missing out on notifications. Just log into Facebook in Chrome on your phone and when the pop-up request to send notifications appears, tap Allow. Continue reading “Receive Facebook Notifications Without Facebook App”

Facebook Messenger’s Photo Magic Based On Face Recognition For Easier Photo Sharing

Facebook has begun a slow rollout of a new feature for its Messenger app that it hopes will make sharing photos easier. Called Photo Magic, the new feature uses facial recognition technology to find photos of your friends in your camera roll.

Download : New Facebook Messenger

photo magic

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Facebook’s New Mobile Alerts For News & Weather


Facebook's expanded alerts will now also include community news and events, storm warnings and other weather information, and suggestions for television programs or nearby movies.<br />• Facebook is expanding its mobile alerts to include sports scores, weather updates and local news updates
• Users can now personalize these notifications
• Until now, notifiactions were focused around postings by friends, birthdays and upcoming events

SAN FRANCISCO: Facebook, making a bigger push to deliver personalized information to its members, said it was expanding its mobile alerts to include sports scores, weather updates and local news updates.
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Facebook’s New Message Request Feature

Facebook bringing a new feature “Facebook Message Request” allows you perform some interesting things. Have a Look!

Phone numbers are dumb. Once someone has yours, you can’t stop them from contacting you.Someone might want you to call them, but if you don’t have their random string of digits, you can’t. And you could miss something extremely important if a person you’ve never met really needs to reach you.

Facebook Messenger has a plan to fix all that. And it’s born from the ashes of one of the social network’s worst products ever.

No More Missed Connections

Today, Messenger is killing off the dysfunctional “Other Inbox”. It was where Facebook messageswent to die if they were sent by someone who wasn’t your friend or friend-of-a-friend. Few people knew it existed. Fewer ever checked it. And it wasn’t even accessible from Messenger’s iOS or Android apps.

A friend of mine once received a Facebook message from his long-lost brother he was separated from at birth 30 years ago in Vietnam. But he didn’t see the message for six months because it went to his Other Inbox. It took a LinkedIn request before he realized what he was missing.

Facebook Other Inbox

Thankfully, that shouldn’t happen anymore. Rolling out globally starting today is Facebook’s replacement for the Other Inbox which it calls “Message Requests”. It means all someone needs in order to contact you is your name, but you have control over whether they can contact you again.

Friend Requests For Chat

Now, any message from a non-friend who doesn’t have your phone number will go into your Message Requests at the top of Messenger on mobile or in the Messages tab on web.

Facebook Message Requests

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Facebook’s New Emoji – 6 Different Emoji

In September, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg made some waves when he hinted Facebook was working on a way to expand its famous Like button — not by adding the much-fabled “dislike” option, but by making it way more empathetic, expressing sadness and other emotions. Today, Facebook is taking the wraps off what form the new Like may take. It is rolling out “Reactions,” a new set of six emoji that will sit alongside the original thumbs-up to let users quickly respond with love, laughter, happiness, shock, sadness and anger.

Screen Shot 2015-10-08 at 11.58.04

Facebook lets us know that the pop-up highlight will first begin as a test in two markets just, Spain and Ireland, before it chooses whether to change it and/or how to move it out further.

(The purpose behind those two nations? Adam Mosseri, Facebook’s executive of item, says this is on account of both have to a great extent national client bases without broad worldwide companion systems, so they work better as shut test bunches. Ireland is English talking, while Spain lets Facebook test out how well the silent emoji play with non-English clients.)

Having more responsive arrangement of emoji may sound commonplace to you. In the wake of reports that Facebook was chipping away at an “abhorrence” catch in September, our own particular Josh Constine anticipated that Facebook may rather offer a little choice of emoji, like the response catches Path offered in 2012. It worked out that Facebook had even documented a patent for how such an emoji reaction highlight may work and look. (Those pointers seemed, by all accounts, to be right on target.)


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How To Turn Your Facebook Profile Pic into Short Video

People visit Facebook profiles more than four billion times per day, and we’re continually looking for ways to make profiles the best place for people to curate their online identities and connect with others.

Today, we’re unveiling some new, mobile-friendly features for Facebook profiles. There are three main improvements that will give you more opportunities to express who you are and control the content showcased on your profile.

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