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Facebook Pages goes mobile friendly with new navigation, communication tools

Likes ≠ Dollars. Facebook wants Pages to actually earn money for the 45 million small businesses that use them. So today Facebook is upgrading Pages with a tabbed mobile layout that lets them display storefront “Sections” where users can “Shop” for products or view a list of “Services” the business offers. The company is also making calls to action on business Pages, such as “Call Now,” “Send Message” and “Contact Us,” bigger, more colorful and more prominent beneath the cover image. Continue reading “Facebook Pages goes mobile friendly with new navigation, communication tools”


Why You Should NOT Put Your Number on Facebook!

Privacy on social networking sites has been a debatable issue ever since its formation. Facebook users might have to give a second thought now if they’re open to sharing their mobile number on Facebook, even under the ‘private’ header. For organisations like Facebook who have time and again been making money off the information shared by the user, this is not novel.

To anyone who uploads their profile picture on the social network, the site keeps encouraging users to post their numbers too. And if you fall in the trap and add your number, based on the privacy assured to you, you still need to be worried! Once you add the number, anyone who puts your number in the search bar can track your details such as name, address and even see your picture.


Continue reading “Why You Should NOT Put Your Number on Facebook!”

Create Amazing Facebook Profile & Cover Pictures

The Timeline is an interesting addition to Facebook, wherein you can add a profile and cover photo to share your memorable and candid moments. You can either simply add two photos, or get a bit creative by adding one seamless photo. The second option is where you essentially add two different pictures to the profile and cover sections, but they are so seamless that they appear to be one big photo. While it may sound something only professionals can do, it is rather simple thanks to these third-party apps and services. Let’s take a look at how you can create an integrated profile and cover photo without any hassle.

In this example, we’re going to use Timelinecoverbanner for creating amazing profile and cover photos.

1. Go to TimeLineCoverBanner website


♦ Click on ‘Choose cover background’, which will show all the available design options. Depending on your personal preferences, you can select one from the numerous categories that are available, including sports, nature, romantic, and beach among others.

♦If you want to upload a picture of your own, select the ‘Blank Background’ option. Continue reading “Create Amazing Facebook Profile & Cover Pictures”

Facebook’s New Security Checkup Feature

On Thursday, Facebook announced a new Security Checkup process in a bid to help users keep accounts secure. The new feature is in the process of rolling out to all user accounts, but if you visit this webpage you can try to access the new security check feature right now. Otherwise you can wait until you are prompted when you log in on a desktop, don’t worry — eventually you will have access to the feature.


The process itself only takes a few minutes of your time, and is well worth it (especially if you use a lot of apps or are in the habit of logging into your account using random computers). As you go through the process, simply click on each section title to view relevant links and information.

When you begin the process, the first thing you’re asked to do is view a list of browsers and apps you’re currently logged in to. The list only shows those log-ins that are active, but haven’t been used in a month. Scroll through the list, then click on Log Out of All and Facebook will terminate the log-in session.

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