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Hangouts Guest Mode – Now Get Access To Hangouts without Any Account

As you know Google’s Hangouts service enables you to keep in touch. Message friends, start free video or voice calls, and hop on a conversation with one person or a group.

After GIF support and video call up to 10 friends and many more.

Hangout is brining a new feature that will allow the user to do video call with out having an Hangouts account or I can say Google account.

How to Use

All users will have to do now is click on a link to the Hangout, type in their name in a pop-up box, and then “Request to Join.”

Meeting organizers will receive a prompt to accept or deny entry to users who are trying to join a Hangout. They will also have access to tools to mute or remove participants if necessary. That’s it !!

Joining a meeting should be as easy as walking into a room. That should be the case whether you’re meeting in person, or face-to-face over video. This week we’re rolling out an update to Google Hangouts that makes joining a video call as simple as clicking a link in an invitation. No filling in forms, no need for a Google account, just simple, easy access to meetings.

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Google Will Warn Users About Unencrypted Messages

We do email every day. Have you ever thought about the journey of email from sender’s inbox to yours. But Some providers send your emails over unencrypted connections.

Google is constantly working to help make email more secure for everyone. These efforts are reflected in security protections like default HTTPS in Gmail as well as our Safer Email Transparency report, which includes information about email security beyond just Gmail.

Google said today that encrypted messaging is on the rise: Since 2013, the number of encrypted emails that Gmail received from non-Gmail senders increased from 33 percent to 61 percent. Because of that final 39 percent, though, Google will serve up warnings.

“While these threats do not affect Gmail-to-Gmail communication, they may affect messaging between providers,” researcher Elie Bursztein and engineer Nicolas Lidzborski wrote in a blog post.

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Google Maps Updated – Now Use Google Maps Without Internet

Google announced the launch of its new offline navigation and search capabilities for Google Maps on Tuesday.

Previously, when looking at Google Maps offline, you could only look at a certain area without seeing any details. Now, you have access to online capabilities such as turn-by-turn voice directions and the ability to search for specific destinations. When using the search bar offline, autocomplete will still be available and you’ll be able to see hours, contact information, and reviews for a specific location.

You can download an area by searching for a city, county or country, for instance, and tapping “Download” on the resulting place sheet, or by going to “Offline Areas” in the Google Maps menu and tapping on the “+” button. Once downloaded, Google Maps will move into offline mode automatically when it recognizes you’re in a location with spotty service or no connectivity at all. When a connection is found, it will switch back online so you can easily access the full version of Maps, including live traffic conditions for your current route. By default, we’ll only download areas to your device when you are on a Wi-Fi connection to prevent large data fees.

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Receive Google Drive Notifications on Mobile

Android/iOS: While Google Drive is incredible for sharing documents, it’s generally been somewhat more bulky than it should be on portable. Presently, that is changing, with sharing notifications and more versatile features.

The newest version of Google Drive, at present taking off, will send a notification to your phone when a document is shared you. This ought to be much simpler than the standard email notification. You can likewise get a notification when a client solicitations access to a document. At long last, Google’s permitting clients to review Google Drive documents that they have permission to see on Android without having a Google Account. This ought to align it more with how it works on the desktop.


Connected Living : Manage Your Home Lighting From Your SmartPhone

Conventional lighting organizations and innovation giants alike need to change the way your light up your home.

From refrigerator that warm you when your veggies are getting stale to clothes washers that educate you when the clothing is done, customer gadgets organizations are swinging to innovation at an undeniably quick pace to make ordinary, exhausting family apparatuses ‘more astute’. To such an extent that the greatest names in the tech world, including Apple, Google and Amazon, are getting in on the associated living activity.

While household appliances are still make their way towards the Indian market – and will take significantly more to wind up moderate – you can make the first step towards a brilliant home today without using up every last cent.

There are couple of things less leaving than home lighting, and up to this point the main genuine decision you had was between different shades of white. Every one of that has now changed with joined lighting, aconcept that alters home lighting utilizing your home Wi-fi system and cell phone.

Philips hue

Philips Hue InfoBuzzzz

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Google Performing Beta Test For Search app on Android

Google has dispatched an official beta channel for the Android Google look application. Clients hoping to test the most recent elements of the application can select into the beta through Google Play’s beta administration.

Beta Version

We haven’t seen an official declaration anyplace, however the beta information exchange procedure works and will serve a more current Google application than the ordinary channel. Apparently Google will utilize this the same way it does the Chrome beta channel—to test being developed elements and bug fixes. We joined, and our Google application overhauled from to, however it doesn’t appear like anything noteworthy has changed.

Google could conceivably roll out a great deal of improvements through the Google application. It doesn’t simply cover Google looks on Android; the Google application is the home screen, the application drawer, Google Now and Now on Tap, voice acknowledgment, and the dependably on voice orders.
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How to Use Google Without being Tracked – Search Engines That Never Tracks You!

I love how “evil” Google is. Do you hear that, Google? I want you to have all of my data, as long as you keep protecting it. I want you to learn everything you can about me, and I want you to use that data to make my life better. I want you to make my life easier. I want services like Google Now to give me information before I even know I need it. I want it all. But many people aren’t in the same boat as me, and there are plenty of very valid reasons to want to protect your data and keep it out of Google’s hands. But should that mean you have to stop using Google for searches?

Well guess what: it only takes one step to stop Google from tracking you, and you can still enjoy Google search along with several other Google features. Plus, there are some great alternatives to Google search that don’t track you, and we’ll cover them here as well.

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Get Ready For Newly Designed Play Store!

There’s an upgrade coming soon for the Google Play store, if pictures posted by one Google software engineer are to be accepted. Kirill Grouchnikov, who has taken a shot at the application for right around six years and is proceeding onward to another group in the organization, transferred the photos above and beneath to his Google+ account. It doesn’t resemble an aggregate redesign of the Play store’s outline, yet it’s surely fresher, with smooth livelinesss and another format.

The store seems as though it will be partitioned into two fundamental segments: Apps and Games and Entertainment. (This would supplant the six classifications of the present Play store: Apps, Games, Movies and TV, Music, Books, and Newsstand.)


New animations sliding from section to section.


We’re not sure when Android users can expect to get their hands on the new design, but they probably won’t have to wait long judging by Grouchnikov’s use of the #soon hashtag. (But then again, he also uses the #uhhnggngyeh hashtag repeatedly, and who knows what that means when it comes to update schedules.)

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Google Now Stores Everything You Search – Here Is The Solution How To Find And Delete History

You may not realize this, but every time you ask Google Now a question, Google makes a recording of it and keeps it stored in its vast trove of information it stores on you. The Guardian’s Alex Hern recently discovered how to access his entire archive of voice recordings from his Google Now sessions and he felt a little unnerved to hear himself ask questions at times when he wasn’t exactly sober.

“I found a recording of me asking for the nearest Waitrose in Glasgow (well, I am a Guardian journalist), lazily doing Fahrenheit conversions for cooking, trying to get driving directions to an Ikea, and just hurling random obscenities as a dumb, unfeeling computer,” he writes.

You can find your archive of Google Now audio files by logging into your Google account and then opening up the page for your Voice and Audio Activity. If you’ve turned on Google Voice and Audio Activity, you’ll see a list of all the voice commands you’ve entered into Google Now along with buttons next to each one that will let you play audio of them. You can also delete anything and everything you want to.

“When you use audio activation commands, such as ‘Ok Google’ or touching the microphone icon, your private Voice & Audio Activity stores some voice and other audio to your account,” Google explains. “A recording of the following speech/audio, plus a few seconds before, will be stored. This helps Google recognize your voice and improve speech and audio recognition in order to give you results faster and with fewer hassles.”

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How to Turn off

You can turn off Voice and Audio Activity on your Google account at this link, although this won’t stop Google from recording and archiving anything you ask Google Now. Instead, your voice recordings will be made anonymous without any direct links to your Google account. Continue reading “Google Now Stores Everything You Search – Here Is The Solution How To Find And Delete History”

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