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Facebook’s New Mobile Alerts For News & Weather


Facebook's expanded alerts will now also include community news and events, storm warnings and other weather information, and suggestions for television programs or nearby movies.<br />• Facebook is expanding its mobile alerts to include sports scores, weather updates and local news updates
• Users can now personalize these notifications
• Until now, notifiactions were focused around postings by friends, birthdays and upcoming events

SAN FRANCISCO: Facebook, making a bigger push to deliver personalized information to its members, said it was expanding its mobile alerts to include sports scores, weather updates and local news updates.
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Connected Living : Manage Your Home Lighting From Your SmartPhone

Conventional lighting organizations and innovation giants alike need to change the way your light up your home.

From refrigerator that warm you when your veggies are getting stale to clothes washers that educate you when the clothing is done, customer gadgets organizations are swinging to innovation at an undeniably quick pace to make ordinary, exhausting family apparatuses ‘more astute’. To such an extent that the greatest names in the tech world, including Apple, Google and Amazon, are getting in on the associated living activity.

While household appliances are still make their way towards the Indian market – and will take significantly more to wind up moderate – you can make the first step towards a brilliant home today without using up every last cent.

There are couple of things less leaving than home lighting, and up to this point the main genuine decision you had was between different shades of white. Every one of that has now changed with joined lighting, aconcept that alters home lighting utilizing your home Wi-fi system and cell phone.

Philips hue

Philips Hue InfoBuzzzz

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How to Get Custom Ringtones for Your iPhone

Are you looking for the custom ringtones for your iPhone? Do you want your iPhone sounds like other phones? Do you want to have custom ringtones like other phones, then checkout the way to have such ringtones.

Option 1: iTunes

You know you can buy apps, music and movies from the iTunes Store, but did you know it sells ringtones as well? It’s not immediately obvious if you don’t know where to look.

Open the iTunes app on your phone, tap More (bottom right corner) and then tap Tones. Voilà! A whole section devoted to ringtones.

Many of these are songs, but if you tap the Genres button and scroll down to the bottom of the list, you’ll see categories including Dialogue and Sound Effects. That’s where you can score ‘tones like R2-D2 beeping and booping, a T-Rex roar from “Jurassic Park,” and spoken-word clips from all manner of movies and TV shows. You can tap the thumbnail for any ringtone to hear a sample.

iTunes’ ringtones sell for 99 cents or $1.29. When you tap to buy one, you’ll see options including Set as Default Ringtone, Set as Default Text Tone (for text messages, naturally) and Assign to a Contact. You can, of course, modify any of these options later on, as well as tap Done to complete the setup later.

Screenshot by Rick Broida/CNET

This is the major advantage to spending money on ringtones: They’re automatically added to your phone, right on your phone, no conversion or hoop-jumping required.

Option 2: DIY ringtones

If you’d rather not spend any cash, however, or you want music or sounds not available through iTunes, consider the DIY approach.

Here’s a great example. For my money, there is no better ringtone you can have for your phone than this. YouTube is really the only place to find it (and any number of other clips, sound effects, etc.). Thankfully, it’s fairly easy to convert any YouTube video to a ringtone: Continue reading “How to Get Custom Ringtones for Your iPhone”

Xiaomi Plans To Use 3D Touch Tech Like Apple – Difference between Apple’s 3D Touch v/s Xiaomi’s 3D Touch

In ahead of schedule October, online reports uncovered that Samsung is in converses with Synaptics to consolidate the 3D Touch show. This component is as of now seen just in Apple’s iPhone 6S arrangement. Samsung too needs to consolidate the element in its lead telephones. Another report has risen up out of China demonstrating that Xiaomi too needs to utilize a comparative weight touchy screen innovation in its lead shrewd gadgets that it will discharge later on, most likely the Mi5 and Mi Pad 2.

Xiaomi is working on 3D Touch like innovation to be utilized as a part of its up and coming gadgets sold in China. Notwithstanding, the source is still not certain if the presentation innovation is in effect singularly created by Xiaomi, or if the organization is joining forces with Synaptics to utilize a 3D touch innovation in its up and coming gadgets. Synaptics has created ClearForce, a more prevalent innovation that empowers the 3D Touch highlight. Xiaomi and Synaptics have teamed up for the as of late propelled Mi 4C. The Mi 4C uses Xiaomi’s ClearPad S3708 capacitive touch controller innovation for the SideTouch highlight. Along these lines, its not amazing if Xiaomi and Synaptics are cooperating once more to build up a weight touchy screen boards for Xiaomi’s forthcoming line of items.

Apple’s 3D Touch vs Synaptics’ ClearForce

The 3D Touch feature enables the phone’s display to artificially sense the difference in finger’s pressure to enable new gestures – Peek and Pop. Users can browse through their content with great ease. Continue reading “Xiaomi Plans To Use 3D Touch Tech Like Apple – Difference between Apple’s 3D Touch v/s Xiaomi’s 3D Touch”

Top 3 Apps of The Month

 We’re back with the top three apps of the month.

HTC Restore
Degoo Cloud Backup


Cover artPrice : Free
Smart app shortcuts on your lock screen & notification bar!Launchify provides you access to apps when you need them on your notification bar, lock screen(*4.4+) and even as a widget.

Launchify recommends you the right app at the right time depending on the time, place and if you’re driving! Multi-task on the go: you can now swap apps in just a swipe from your notification bar. Quick launch apps from your lock screen.

Launchify is not a launcher, it provides smart app shortcuts in your navigation bar and lock screen similar to a notification.

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HTC Restore

htc restore Android Apps WeeklyPrice: Free
HTC Restore was released during the last week during the announcement and discussions about the One A9. This is a simple app that doesn’t do all that much. It simply allows you to restore apps, data, and more that you may have backed up using HTC’s Backup function built into their OEM skin. Continue reading “Top 3 Apps of The Month”

Get Ready For New Batch Emoji – By Android Executive

Good New for Android users now they can have fun with new batch of emoji soon as promised by android executive.

If you’ve been casting an envious eye over your friends iOS device because they have some fancy new emojis to compose messages with instead of constructing an entire word, it seems that your reason for turning green may soon cease to exist. This is because a new batch of Android emojis is currently being developed. 

Android executive, Hiroshi Lockheimer, has acknowledged the needs of the Android faithful, promises that he and his team are working on new emojis, and also apologises for the wait.

It doesn’t sound like we’ll be waiting too long for this new batch of emojis.

Source: Hiroshi Lockheimer (Twitter)

How to Use Google Without being Tracked – Search Engines That Never Tracks You!

I love how “evil” Google is. Do you hear that, Google? I want you to have all of my data, as long as you keep protecting it. I want you to learn everything you can about me, and I want you to use that data to make my life better. I want you to make my life easier. I want services like Google Now to give me information before I even know I need it. I want it all. But many people aren’t in the same boat as me, and there are plenty of very valid reasons to want to protect your data and keep it out of Google’s hands. But should that mean you have to stop using Google for searches?

Well guess what: it only takes one step to stop Google from tracking you, and you can still enjoy Google search along with several other Google features. Plus, there are some great alternatives to Google search that don’t track you, and we’ll cover them here as well.

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Get Ready For Newly Designed Play Store!

There’s an upgrade coming soon for the Google Play store, if pictures posted by one Google software engineer are to be accepted. Kirill Grouchnikov, who has taken a shot at the application for right around six years and is proceeding onward to another group in the organization, transferred the photos above and beneath to his Google+ account. It doesn’t resemble an aggregate redesign of the Play store’s outline, yet it’s surely fresher, with smooth livelinesss and another format.

The store seems as though it will be partitioned into two fundamental segments: Apps and Games and Entertainment. (This would supplant the six classifications of the present Play store: Apps, Games, Movies and TV, Music, Books, and Newsstand.)


New animations sliding from section to section.


We’re not sure when Android users can expect to get their hands on the new design, but they probably won’t have to wait long judging by Grouchnikov’s use of the #soon hashtag. (But then again, he also uses the #uhhnggngyeh hashtag repeatedly, and who knows what that means when it comes to update schedules.)

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“Caller” Feature By Hike Messenger – How To Use It

Hike Messenger was launched a few years back on 12 December 2012 located in Delhi & Bangalore. Hike is a cross-platform instant messaging service for smartphones that uses the internet for communication. In addition to text messaging, users can send each other graphical stickers, emoticons, images, videos, audios, files, voice messages, contacts and user location.

Recently Hike introduced new features in app update like :

Now another feature “Caller” is noticed by InfoBuzzzz.

“Caller” shows information about unknown unknown numbers and free calling, messaging options for call. Continue reading ““Caller” Feature By Hike Messenger – How To Use It”

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